Modular Humans

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Before we get into it, I’d like to apologize for the inconsistency of my recent posts. Being a college student is not conducive to having enough time for things, and unfortunately, this blog has taken a hit for it. Rest assured, it will continue. In fact, two to three weeks from now I’m going to expand my topic range to include several new categories! I’m very excited about that, and I hope you are too!

Now, back to it!

What do I mean when I say modular humans? Well, really, it’s just a more geeky way to say that we have wearable accessories that extend our abilities. Simple as that. Google Glass, smart watches, headphones, VR headsets, and on and on. And so much of this all comes from Sci-fi!

Today, I will keep it short, and just point out the foresight of Ray Bradbury, author of Fahrenheit 451. The book is incredible. Besides its gripping story, in it, Bradbury predicts video chat, flat-screen TVs, and Headphones, all in one book, even going so far as to comment how all of these things inundate their owners with unending media and gossip. Headphones have taken a variety of forms throughout the decades, but it is their most recent and most popular incarnation that most resemble’s Bradbury’s “Seashell Radios,” which were tiny radios that could fit inside the owner’s ears to give them a hands free and utterly constant stream of media.


Sound familiar?

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