Does Anyone Else Watch TV On the Treadmill?

Netflix treadmill

I’ve officially outed myself. I distract myself from the fact that I’m running by watching Star Trek while I get in my cardio on the treadmill. You might say I’m the “nut” part of health-nut, and the “health” part has yet to be found.

Speaking of connecting fitness and technology, who first thought of portable health-tracking machines like the Fitbit? (No, this is not a sponsored message.)


Though there is probably something earlier, I’d like to submit that it was Gene Roddenberry, the creator of Star Trek! Right there in the first episode. That’s right, I’m talking about the Tricorder.


Tricorders are used for getting just about any kind of readings you could possibly want in Star Trek, and there are different kinds used for different purposes. Today I’m interested in the Health Tricorder, which was used to gather information like metabolic rates, fatigue, mental and physical stress, respiration, heart rate, etc. Sounds a lot like the Fitbit, huh? Though, I suppose we’re not quite as far along as humanity at the time of the Starship Enterprise. The Fitbit doesn’t track as much or as sophisticatedly, but it’s the idea of a doctor’s office on the go.

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