Hitting the Road

The wagon wheel was a huge leap forward for us humans. It provided much needed means for transporting… everything. What it didn’t do was levitate it’s passengers above it and communicate road conditions to other wagon wheels in the vicinity. Goodyear is working on that.

It sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie. And it is! So much of our current technology has been inspired by sci-fi/fantasy books and films. The first place I saw a vehicle with spherical tires was in Alex Proyas’ I, Robot, a film adaptation of Isaac Asimov’s novel by the same name.

My mind was blown when I considered the possibility. A vehicle like that would have to function entirely without axles and a physical suspension system, replacing them with a programmable magnetic field. It would have to feature incredibly intricate computer systems and wireless communication between the tires and those systems. It would be able to turn without changing overall driving direction and glide beautifully over the asphalt. It would be epic! And it will be.

Enter the Goodyear Eagle-360. It is a concept for a prototype spherical tire that could change nearly everything about the way vehicles move. These tires are designed to drive fully automated cars, requiring no driver, just a destination. Everything mentioned above is true of this tire, and more. I recommend checking out Goodyear’s plans for this design by clicking on the images above. I also highly recommend watching I, Robot. Truly fantastic film. If you read the book, you will have done something I have not.

I welcome comments and I plan on replying to all of them. Follow me on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest for regular updates to this blog. Our world is full to the brim with amazing things that were originally thought to be impossible, so there’s plenty more to come!



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