I am a student with a love for science and storytelling. My blog covers fiction that has become fact. Most of our innovations and advances are born out of the minds of people who didn’t see them coming, much like Athena out of the head of Zeus.

Arguably, nothing is ever completely new. Everything there is comes from something that blazed the trail before it. What’s amazing is the way that we take old ideas and refine them, improve them to produce things that were impossible by our own standards just a few years before!

If you check back here regularly, you’ll find that I upload a new post on technology every Tuesday, one on social customs every Thursday. Sundays are special here at Under the Sun, and I post a weekly Sunday Special graphic of my own design having to do with one or more of the posts for the upcoming week.

Feel free to email me with questions or suggestions. I do take requests and I respond to every comment! You can follow me on social media to get updated on my blog posts.

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